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Zvuková knihovna

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Skřítek Kniháček Celé česko

Library departments

Adult department

Lending hall-Ground floor

Information about library, services, enrolment of new readers, payments, lending books and magazines.

Adult lending department (1st floor)
Lending reference books and novels. (natural science, technology, medicine, art, sport, linguistics, biographies, geography, foreign language literature, science fiction, detective novels, thrillers.) Inter-library lending service, international lending services. Bibliography-information services, writers research, summary of new books Collections of books for secondary schools and educational establishments. Copying service.

Adult lending department (2nd floor)
Lending reference books ( philosophy, psychology, ethics, moral philosophy, sociology, statistics, law, economics, ethnography, history, factual literature, regional literature) and periodicals.

Internet study (2nd floor)
Access to internet, printing from databases, internet, electronic databases.

Information department (2nd floor)
Study room - on-site lending of encyclopedic literature and the study of all kinds of documents, regional literature surveying Jihlava and district of Jihlava.
Bibliography-information services Research service from databases from town library, other databases, and libraries.(pay service)
Citizens informaton - public notices of the town Jihlava, Law code 1918, Financial Newsletter, Business advisor.
Jihlava Newspapers since 1987.
Regional periodicals Information materials about European Union.
Copying service.

Reading room
On-site lending of last issues of periodicals, newspapers, archiving of daily newspapers, archiving of regional newspapers.

Music Department (3rd floor)
Lending CDs - maximum 10 CDs for two weeks 
Lending audio books on CDs and MP3 
Music books and music magazines
Information about the collection, list of CDs and audio books, picture catalogues.

Audio library for the blind and visually impaired (3rd floor)
Lending audio books (free service, user must have SONS card or doctors confirmation)
People can choose from a big library collection. Internet for blind.

Childrens department (3rd floor)
- lending novels, reference books and periodicals
- informative classes for nursery schools and primary schools
- booking service
- lending encyclopedias on CD ROM
- free internet
- programmes for disabled children

Youth study (3rd floor)
- on-site lending of reference books and periodicals
- encyclopedias on CD ROM
- readers club
- copying service
- free internet

Branch Offices

Březinova 62, Jihlava
Kollárova 19, Jihlava
S.K. Neumanna 590/22, Jihlava

- lending novels, reference books and periodicals for children and adults
- informative classes for nursery schools and primary schools
- copying service