Městská knihovna Jihlava

Library departments

Adult department (ground, 1st and 2nd floor)

Lending hall (Ground floor)

  • Information about library, services, enrolment of new readers, payments, lending books and magazines


Adult lending department (1st floor)

  • Lending reference books and novels (natural science, technology, medicine, art, sport, linguistics, biographies, geography, foreign language literature, science fiction, detective novels, thrillers)
  • Inter-library lending service, international lending services
  • Bibliography-information services, writers research, summary of new books
  • Collections of books for secondary schools and educational establishments. Copying service

Adult lending department (2nd floor)

  • Lending reference books (philosophy, psychology, ethics, moral philosophy, sociology, statistics, law, economics, ethnography, history, factual literature, regional literature) and periodicals

Internet study (2nd floor)

  • Access to internet
  • Printing from databases
  • Internet
  • Electronic databases


Information department (2nd floor)

Study room

  • On-site lending of encyclopedic literature and the study of all kinds of documents, regional literature surveying Jihlava and district of Jihlava
  • Bibliography-information services Research service from databases from town library, other databases, and libraries.(pay service)
  • Citizens informaton - public notices of the town Jihlava, Law code 1918, Financial Newsletter, Business advisor
  • Jihlava Newspapers since 1987
  • Regional periodicals Information materials about European Union. Copying service

Reading room 

  • On-site lending of last issues of periodicals, newspapers, archiving of daily newspapers, archiving of regional newspapers

Music Department (3rd floor)

  • Lending CDs - maximum 10 CDs for two weeks
  • Lending audio books on CDs and CDs in MP3 format
  • Music books and music magazines
  • Information about the collection, list of CDs and audio books, picture catalogues

Audio library for the blind and visually impaired (3rd floor)

  • Lending audio books (free service, user must have SONS card or doctors confirmation)
  • Big library collection
  • Internet for blind

Childrens department (3rd floor)

  • Lending novels, reference books and periodicals
  • Informative classes for nursery schools and primary schools
  • Booking service
  • Lending encyclopedias on CD ROM
  • Free internet
  • Programmes for disabled children
  • Copying service

Branch Offices

Březinova 144, Jihlava
Kollárova 19, Jihlava
S.K. Neumanna 590/22, Jihlava

  • Lending novels, reference books and periodicals for children and adults
  • Informative classes for nursery schools and primary schools
  • Copying service